Sweepstakes – US-S&P-Cash App $750-2 – CPL

Offer ID: 24659

Payout Model: CPL
Conversion Flow: SOI email submit
Budget: 100 conversions per day

Preview Link: https://gyazo.com/f686962f3c6086c68c030de8c085ad0a


No clickjacking
No i-framing
No likejacking
No typosquatting
No manual punching of leads using VPN
No script-based traffic
No unsolicited electronic communications (spam)

Fraud/Misleading Promotions Strictly Not Allowed

Only Native, Display, Social, and Google Traffic is Allowed!!

Offer information last updated on 4th Aug 22.

G Partners Small
Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan1344 hours
Expiration Date11st March 2040
PreviewPreview URL
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