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Offer ID: 8341

 Adult dating

  Target action: 

– SOI Registration


– The whole world


– Dynamic payout


– All type of devices

  Hold for beginners: 

– 7 days

  Hold for trusted partners: 

– 0-7 days.

  Offer description:

Adult Games Smartlink is a smartlink offering an adul-games service for various GEOs. The system analyzes data in real time and decides where, based on the data obtained, the visitor will bring more profit, or is more likely to perform a conversion.


Test limit: 50 conversions before feedback

For information on payments for GEO, please contact your manager.

Recommendations from Alfaleads:

Sources: Best adult dating GEO's: RU, US, CA, UK, AU, FR, DE, NZ, ES, IT, BE, DK, NO, TW, SG, JP, SE, ZA.

Adult sites work well if there is no misleading.

Push and PopUnder are good, but they should be with a prelander. An excellent option to promote the interest of the user right here and now.

Promo materials:

To make better creatives you should use real pictures and photos. Using photos from magazines is not desirable. Selfies are well-convertible. It is necessary to focus on people with different tastes. Advertisements must inspire trust.

For each GEO you are going to drive, you need to make different creatives and localize them. Learn what girls love in a particular country: look for statistics and the results of surveys. A competent approach will help you to drive more traffic.

With solid volumes of high-quality traffic, we can provide higher payouts, as well as promo materials and pre-landers designed specially for you.

Offer Additional Terms

Traffic must be active. Incentive and Fraud are prohibited.

This offer works on a CPL model. Target action varies from the quality of your traffic and GEO. You get leads for confirmed or unconfirmed registration (SOI / DOI).

This offer has individual and daily caps! Check them with your personal account manager for more information.

Access to the offer is granted through your account manager with whom you share information about your traffic. If the advertiser approves it, you are in.

The advertiser checks the quality of traffic on his side and has the right to not pay for leads and in some cases cease to work with an affiliate if Incentive or Fraud is revealed. Your leads must be active!

Dear affiliate! 

Please review the following information before working with the offer:


If they are not specified in the offer description, please clarify this information with your personal manager.

In case your traffic conversions don't reach the test cap, do not rush to demand your leads being paid. In this situation, the advertiser may have difficulty analyzing the quality of your traffic, due to the small number of conversions.

Therefore, the payment period for these conversions can be increased at the discretion of the advertiser.

In order to get prompt feedback, we strongly recommend you to reach the test cap as soon as possible.


An Anti-fraud system might be active at the advertiser's side.

Test conversions might be labeled as a fraud, go to ban directly and therefore rejected.

Incentivized of fraudulent traffic is strongly prohibited and will lead to your account being banned in the system.

Zero activity from your registrations is one of the main reasons why your conversions won't be paid, be sure to reach your test caps!

Offer information last updated on 6th Mar 23.

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