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Offer Terms and Conditions No incentive traffic is allowed (unless previously agreed and signed off by your Encknet Network Account Manager). Any traffic that is found to come from an incentive source that is not signed off will be rejected and the affiliate may be removed from the campaign. Fraudulent activity is taken seriously and any traffic that is deemed to be fraudulent will be terminated and result in the affiliate being removed from the campaign and potential suspension or expel from the network. All activity must be approved by an Account Manager any unapproved traffic may be rejected. All Email, Creatives Proof must be sent for approval for all offers that required proof. Conversions without proof or placement been approved will be rejected All Creatives should be sent to [email protected] with the Offer Id and inform your Account Manager. Description is the best converting long form auto insurance offer in the marketplace. The site is built for speed and the form is very easy to complete. This offer is a must run. Restrictions Publishers may use their own creative but must be approved prior to going live. Any unauthorized creative found to be in use will be blocked and will not be paid for. No incent traffic (hard, soft, offerwall, virtual currency, etc.) No surveys, giveaways, or sweepstakes No content-unlocking No pop-up (CPV) No path traffic No adware Email must be verifiable opt-in data and CAN-SPAM compliant. Mobile and Social Media placements must be approved prior to going live. Any unauthorized creative found to be in use will be blocked and will not be paid for. Search traffic is allowed, however, the publisher may not bid on trademark terms including any insurance company's name, domain name, or any mis-spelling of the company's name and domain name.   Pixel Testing Please use 'adgtest' as the First Name and Last Name when testing. This will allow pixels to fire but prevent the lead from going to lead buyers. Suppression Information CSV file - List - Unsubscribe - Postal address - P.O. Box 18404 Golden, CO 80402 From Lines SelectMyPolicy -SelectMyPolicy- *SelectMyPolicy* | SelectMyPolicy| ~SelectMyPolicy~ Life From Lines Life Insurance Quotes Life Insurance Life Insurance Pros Instant Quotes Free Insurance Quotes Life Policies Top Life Insurance Providers Life Insurance Coverage BestLife Rates GetAQuote YourQuote InsuranceQuote Life Subject Lines One form gets you multiple Life insurance quotes. 1 form. Multiple Life insurance quotes. Big savings. Forget estimates. Get custom Life insurance quotes now. Get Life insurance quotes calculated just for you Save on Life insurance. Get custom quotes now. Pay less for Life insurance. Get custom quotes. Compare quotes, buy cheaper Life insurance now. Get custom Life insurance quotes and save more. Buy cheaper Life insurance online, in minutes Find cheaper Life insurance, buy online in minutes Compare custom quotes, buy a Life policy now. Get real Life insurance quotes, customized to YOU. Got a few minutes? Buy cheaper Life policy online. Get multiple REAL insurance quotes & buy Life coverage online. Get custom quotes and buy a cheaper Life policy now. Compare custom Life insurance quotes. Save more. Stop Overpaying for Life Insurance Today KPI: Campaign Terms No incent traffic will be paid for. Any Restricted traffic sources found in use will be blocked immediately and will not be paid (including past. Fraud traffic (as determined by 3rd party fraud detection service) will be filtered out, blocked, and will not be paid for. Lead returns include but are not limited to the following dispositions: Duplicate, fraudulent, incentivized, survey, sweepstakes, giveaway, never requested quote, wrong phone number, test lead, lied on application, all numbers provided are disconnected or incorrect, the lead is a duplicate received within the last 45 days, contact information is blatantly incorrect or false, contact did not request a quote and has no intent to buy, Language Barrier cannot be overcome.   @aol emails are going to be blocked. Are not admit

Offer information last updated on 23rd Jul 24.

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Countries AcceptedUSA
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Expiration Date7th February 2025
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