Save on Car Insurance – US – CPL (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 7063

Requirements: User has to complete the form with valid info.

Lead Info is correct, lead is able to be reached, and lead actually submitted the form. If any of those are incorrect, lead will be reversed. 
As these are Insurance campaigns and leads need to verified. So, Final number on these campaigns will be confirmed between 15-25th from final reporting day of the Month. 

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Display, Email, Social Media.

Age: 18 +

Restrictions: No incentive, No adult, No fraud, No SMS.

You need to provide an email proof or placement before you start running the offer. Conversions without an email proof or placement will be rejected.

Message 01:
> Suppression file must be downloaded prior to broadcast and downloaded weekly thereafter. 
> Affiliates must only use the approved creatives, from names and subject lines
> Email previews must be signed off by account manager before live traffic can begin
> Conversion point:  1st page submit by new customer with valid details and then clicks on one of the recommended insurance companies which are presented on the 2nd page (page after you have submitted your details).

Message 02:
All email affiliates must download and process campaign specific suppression file before starting any live sends to this campaign. After initial download/processing of suppression file this should be continued on a weekly basis whilst active traffic is being sent to the campaign. Failure to follow these terms will result in penalties and/or suspension from the network.

Email Instructions

From Lines

Save On Insurance Rates
Save On Insurance Rates Partner
Save On Insurance Rates
Insured Veteran
Insured Vet
Auto Insurance Rates
Auto Coverage Options
Car Insurance Quote Info
Auto Provider Matches
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Affordable Auto Coverage
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Save on Car Insurance

Subject Lines

Are you overpaying for auto insurance?
Would you like to save on auto insurance?
Make sure you are not overpaying for auto insurance today!
Don't miss out on savings. Find out more.
It's 2022 – it is time to save on auto insurance.
Bundle and save!
Are you leaving money on the table?
Do you currently have the best rate?
Compare fast, free, competitive auto insurance quotes here
As low as $36 per month? Switch auto insurance, and you could save.
Get Auto Quote: Low-Cost Auto Insurance Options
Check Your Auto Insurance Rate Options with Get Auto Quote
New Auto Insurance Rates May Be Available
Get Auto Quote: Save on a New Car Insurance Policy
Switch Your Auto Insurance Policy! You Could Save
Check for lower auto insurance rates today
$$ Low Car Insurance Rates Available $$
Save up to 30% on Car Insurance
30% Savings on Car Insurance

Offer information last updated on 13th Feb 24.

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Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan1y
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