Quicken Compare Money – Mortgage Refinance (US) (CPL) (RevShare) (Personal Approval)

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Description: Quicken Compare Money – Mortgage Refinance

Requirements: The user needs to fill in the fields and submit (SOI)

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Social, Native

Restrictions: No Fraud, No Survey, No Adult, No Bot, No Content locking, No Misleading, No Hoax

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Offer Additional Terms

Payouts: $24.5 for the refi and $2.1 for personal loans

Working Hours: 6am-6pm PST

Targeting restrictions (sex, user, location): homeowners excellent/good credit. Traffic restrictions: No traffic restrictions, recommended sending M-F Creative restrictions (ie. words / pics we can't use): Lead validation (all leads valid? Or will there be rejections? If so, up to how many days from the conversion and for which specific reasons?)

KPI´s (Desired clients / how you measure quality): a. Contact: 30/40%+ (when users fill in the form and actually get in the phone with the lender - they call within 2 minutes of the form being filled) b. App start: 2.5%+ (users fill in the form to get a refinance quote) c. Loan amount: 200k+ d: Credit Pull: 12% (the lender is puling the users credit - good/excellent)

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Offer information last updated on 3rd Jul 24.

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