Profit Edge (ZA) (CPS)

Offer ID: 34994

Description: Profit Edge uses Artificial Intelligence and State-of-the-art Algorithms to Identify Only Profitable Trades

Requirements: Conversion occurs when customer register and make a minimum deposit of $250

Payment Terms: Weekly Payment

Allowed Methods of Promotion: All traffic allowed

No Auto-subscriptions
No Bot traffic
No Cashback traffic
No Fraud
No Incent
No Proxy or VPN
No Recycled traffic
No Spam

Target audience:
When the guys in call center call the leads they ask questions (KYC), then based on that info they give them a score, we see a perfect match between the score to the PV, as long the score is high then the PV will be.
The score is given based on the KYC: 

1. Male (what we prefer)
2. Age: must to be 35+, when 45+ is better
3. Experience in trading: better if they have
4. Occupation: 
Student is bad
Unemployed – not good
Employed and self-employed – we need 
5. Jobs is super important

Important note: We expect that clients will answer to the retention after the first deposit and expect them to re-deposit, not take all their money from the account

Offer information last updated on 25th Nov 22.

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Session Lifespan1y
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