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Offer ID: 6489


  Target action: 

– Baseline 5$




60  USD


– Desktop, Mobile

  Hold for beginners: 

– 21 days

  Hold for trusted partners: 

– 21 days.

  Offer description:

Play Fortuna is an online casino that has a high level of customer service. This is a full-fledged and licensed project with a high level of service. Play Fortuna uses only licensed and advanced platforms from foreign providers. This makes the casino a brand with a capital letter in the world of gambling adventures.


Test limit: 10 conversions

Licensed: Yes

Number of registration fields: 4

Target audience: users 18+

Recommendations from Alfaleads:

For users who understand the casino and constantly play in it, creatives which describe the pros and bonuses of the casino will be very suitable.

For those who have never played and know only a little about the casino – success stories, blogs of successful players or news articles will be very good as creatives. The main thing that they should look trustworthy.

With solid volumes of high-quality traffic, we can provide higher payouts, as well as promo materials and prelanders designed specially for you.

Offer Additional Terms

Strictly prohibited:
- Providing information about minimum deposit amount in creatives;
- Attracting non-target audience (unable to pay, below 18 years old, people interested in making money quickly, working at home and etc.);
- BUX traffic;
- Mislead – promises of what doesn’t exist in reality;
- Fraud – any fraudulent activities, including the use of other people’s means of payment and accounts, ddos attacks, attraction of relatives and friends and etc.
- Traffic got with the help of schemes, value, middling, fraud, as well as motivated traffic and other fraudulent options.
- Cashback, porn, zoophilia
- Contextual advertising/ using SEO for a brand, brand traffic, re-brokering (reselling an offer)

Not paid:
- Traffic prohibited by one or several items of the “Strictly prohibited” list;
- Inactive traffic – no bets and/or further deposits at all;
- Traffic after testing that doesn’t reach the offer’s KPI targets;
- Multiple accounts, test conversion, fraud, existing accounts (duplicate accounts)
- The players who transfer account balance in live and other types of games where it’s possible. Players like that are checked thoughtfully. If it is found out they are guilty, they are considered frauds and affiliates will be banned forever and won’t be able to work with offers anymore.
— Players with invalid registration data

Traffic is estimated based on the following KPI indicators:
1. the player’s activity and further deposits
2. passing anti-fraud system check

Offer information last updated on 6th Mar 23.

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