Phong Vân Chí – Android (VN) (CPI) (KPI) (GAID)

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Description: World Sword Hiep Vo Lam long tiger fighting took place extremely fierce in game Phong Van Chi. The three sects of Kiem Tong, Ảnh Tong and Qi Tong are the most powerful forces proclaiming to proclaim the prominence to create a rebellion. the supreme Minh Master Vo Lam throne


1. User clicks on banner and is redirected to Google Play or the App Store
2. User successfully downloads and installs the application
3. User opens the application

Passing following data is mandatory for payable conversions:

GAID/IDFA to pass in &sub4

– No Adult traffic
– No Auto-subscriptions
– No Bot
– No Click Injection
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– No Duplicate GAID/IP's
– No Fraud
– No Incent
– No SDK spoofing or organic hijacking
– No Installs outside the targeted country/region/cities
– Wrong app version check (Installs other than the app versions which is currently live for the current month)
– No Proxy or VPN

OS: Android

Offer Additional Terms

Day 1 retention rate over 40% | Only the installs over D1: 40% RR will be validated

Offer information last updated on 25th Feb 21.

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