Panda Auto Warranty (No Weekend Drops) (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

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Description: With Panda Warranty consumers can get full protection for their vehicle for up to half off of dealer prices

Requirements: Pays on Completed Application (one page is on 1st page submit and the 2nd page is on completed application)

You need to provide an email proof or a placement before you start running the offer. Conversions without an email proof or a placement will be rejected

Payment Terms: NET15

Allowed methods of promotion: Email traffic, Push Notification

No Bot traffic
No Co-Reg
No Display
No Fraud
No Incent
No Proxy/VPN
No Search
No Social


– Monday – Friday Only
– NO TRAFFIC ON WEEKEND (Saturday-Sunday) – Weekend leads are not payable!

Offer Additional Terms

Approved From Lines: 
Auto Warranty
Auto Warranty Options
Auto Warranty Repair
Best Warranty
Breakdown Coverage
Car Warranty
Choice Auto Warranty
Choice Warranty
Complete Coverage
Complete Warranty
Dealer Services
Dealer Warranty
DMV Warranty
Enrollment Dept
Expired Coverage
Expired Warranty
Extended Auto Warranty
Extended Warranty
Final Warranty Notice
Got Auto Protection
Got Warranty
Mechanical Insurance
New Coverage
New Warranty
Protect your car
Repair Coverage
Secure Car Care
The Car Warranty
Top 10 Best
Vehicle Enrollment
Vehicle Protection
Vehicle Service Contract
Vehicle Warranty Repair
Warranty Admin
Warranty Administrator
Warranty Center
Warranty Coverage
Warranty Deals
Warranty Enrollment
Warranty Extension
Warranty Notice
Warranty Notification
Warranty Repair
Warranty Special
Your Auto Warranty
Your Warranty
Your Warranty Claim
Panda Warranty

Approved Subject Lines:
**Holiday/New Year**
Just in time for the Holidays, Renew Your Auto Warranty!
Renew Your Auto Warranty before this Winter -- Save up to 60%
Protect Your Family this Holiday Season with an Extended Warranty
Renew Your Auto Warranty before 2018 ends!
Renew Your Auto Warranty before the new year.
Holiday Exclusive: Discounted rate on Auto Warranty
Spread some Holiday Cheer and Never have to Pay for Another Repair!
Protect Your Car & Wallet this Holiday
Protect Your Car & Wallet this Winter
Happy Holidays - This Warranty is for YOU!
5 Day Sale on Auto Warranty Coverage
Auto Warranty Questions?
Award Winning Extended Warranty Coverage
Choice Auto Warranty
Comprehensive Auto Warranty Coverage
Email Exclusive: Discounted rate on Auto Warranty
Email Exclusive: Save 20% for a limited time
Ever fixed your car and paid out of pocked? We can help!
How to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty
If you can't afford future car repairs, we can help!
Important: Auto Warranty Expiration Notice
Important: Your Factory Warranty has Expired!
Limited Time Offer on Complete Auto Warranty Coverage
Limited Time Offer on Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
Never pay for another car repair
News: Don't wait till it's too late! Get Auto Warranty Coverage today!
Newsletter: Rated Best Auto Warranty Company in the US!
Newsletter: This week's featured Auto Warranty discount.
No more auto repair bills!
Protect Your Car
Ranked 2016's Best Extended Auto Warranty
Rated 2016's Top Auto Warranty
Special: Auto Warranty Discount
Stop spending money on car repairs
This Month Only: Discount on Auto Warranty
This Warranty is for you!
Tired of spending money on car repairs?
Unmatched protection for your car
We can save you money on Auto Warranty coverage
Where to buy an Auto Extended Warranty
Where to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty
You can save money on your car warranty
Your Auto Warranty Solution
Quote Pending � Auto Warranty
Crazy deal on extended auto warranty coverage!
Your Auto Warranty quote is available!
Did you claim your discounted AW quote yet?
Claim your discount on Auto Warranty
Don�t let your discount expire � Auto Warranty

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Offer information last updated on 4th Mar 21.

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