P49 – BabySam [DK] Affiliate Programme

Offer ID: 14805

Få tilbud via mail, telefon, SMS og vind 2 x 5.000 kr. gavekort til BabySam!

Payable Action: Completion of the registration form.

Restrictions: No incentives. No SMS. No networks. No promoting in social chats. All ads must be approved before use.

Offer Details
Countries Accepted
Requires Approval
Tracking Protocol
Server Side
Expiration Date
31 December 2025
Preview Link
Existing Affiliate
New Affiliate
Offer Terms
Please have all pages approved by your account manager before running the offer. Ensure that your advertising materials only show brands displayed on the offer. The use of brand logos is not allowed in ads. No misleading ad flows or promise of prize is allowed. Misleading texts that give false sense of urgency, fear and false winning promises are not allowed.

The advertiser reserves the right to check the validation of the lead up to 72 hours after the user registered.

No misuse / misrepresentation of 3rd party brands. Users must be 25 years old. If these terms are not followed publishers will not be paid for any leads delivered.