Omnislots [NZ] Affiliate Programme

Offer ID: 14595

Keep on spinning at Omnislots. 100% deposit bonus and 70 free spins when you sign up for an account at Omnislots.

Payable Action: Registration

Restrictions: Email and Display only. All ads must be approved before going live. It is extremely important that ads do not mention or have anywhere near them references to viruses including Covid-19.

Offer Details
Countries Accepted
Requires Approval
Tracking Protocol
Server Side
Expiration Date
31 December 2039
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Existing Affiliate
New Affiliate
Offer Terms
Leads can be rejected if: invalid contact details, duplicate lead, lead coming from other source than agreed on, hoax lead, fraudulent lead. For unusual situations where an affiliate generates large amounts of leads and a few depositors this will be investigated by LeadLegends and conversions rejected if found to be fraudulent.