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The average sales basket is a monthly allowance without weekends for approx. PLN 1,400, of which your 6% commission will be PLN 84!

One of the best-rated catering by Trustpilot 4.8, Google 4.93, Dietly 4.93 or Cateromarket. Winner of the honorable FEMALE BRAND OF THE YEAR 2021 and Consumer Awards 2021.

MyCatering diets are created under the watchful eye of nutritionists and food technologists. They make sure that the meals contain the right amount of calories, macronutrients and are varied. All dishes are prepared by experienced cooks and chefs, putting into them passion and experience. The possibility of changing the menu, ecological packaging or the 24/7 order management panel are our other strengths.

Our offer includes:
Sports Diet – for physically active people who take care of the proper selection of macronutrients with the greatest care. What distinguishes us is 30% of energy derived from protein.
Ketogenic Diet – one of the best diets on the market. In addition to the taste, it is also extremely qualitative, and the persistent level of 5% carbohydrates guarantees entering ketosis.
Optimal Diet – allows you to maintain healthy eating habits and lose unnecessary kilograms, varied and extremely tasty
Slimming Diet – for people who want to reduce weight in the healthiest way possible
Vegetarian Diet – a complete diet for vegetarians who want to develop healthy eating habits.
The bullion diet – called the god’s “diet of youth” with collagen, which has a rejuvenating and warming effect. Extremely fashionable and delicious.
Sirtfood diet – it is perfect for people who want to lose weight and nourish their body thanks to the sirtuins contained in it
Juice Diet – cleansing and slimming liquid vegan diet based on the highest quality fruit and vegetables is a guarantee of weight reduction in a short time
Office box diet – an ideal option for work, it consists of a 2nd breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Perfect for people who want to maintain a healthy hiss of nutrition during an active work day

In order to promote the MójCatering – PL offers without the blockade occurring on social networks, we encourage you to use the domain https://mylclick-4.com in accordance with the following instructions:

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Offer information last updated on 23rd Mar 22.

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