Mirae (KR) (CPI) (iOS) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 49055

Descrtiption: App. Enjoy 24/7 investment services in pensions and financial products domestically, internationally and 7 days a week through the integrated M-STOCK.

Requirements:  User downloads and installs the app > register for an account > start the free trial. After the free trial (7 days), a subscription will be counted automatically and the user will be charged. If the user wishes to not continue with the subscription, they have to cancel it during the free trial phase

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Mobile, Display

Restrictions: No Adult, No App Discovery, No Copyright Infringing Websites, No Email Marketing, No Forced Redirect, No Google Adwords, No Icon Drops, No Illegal Websites, No Incentivized, No Network Rebrokering, No Pop, No Push, No SEM / SEO Brand Bidding, No Social

Offer information last updated on 4th Jul 24.

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