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A third-person, open world Survival Action sandbox with combat, looting, crafting, building, levelling and diplomacy, that will take you to the world after civilization crisis.Join a group of people or create your own faction, build your base or capture it from your enemies. Create your own world where you can be proud loner, or create a group with your friends. The entire subsequent history of the world depends on you. World – Large realistic US themed open world covering over 64sq.km(39sq.miles). Every building in this world is explorable, you can search loot or create your base in every building in the world. Build systems – You can either build temporal camps to store found loot, or huge bases for you and your personal faction.Combat – The combat system is designed more for stealth or fighting from ambush. Attack on the forehead is not so rational. Also you can take your friends in the fight or hired NPCs. If you are a solo player you can crouch and sneak your way past enemies or throw objects to distract them.

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7 December 2018
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