IRS Fresh Start (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

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Description: Do You Qualify For Tax Relief? Find Out In Less Than 3 Minutes! If you're experiencing or worried about liens, levies, garnishments, or more, now is the time to learn about your options to protect yourself and resolve your tax burden. IRS Fresh Start programs under federal law provide real relief, but they can be very complexed to navigate. It is important to understand that when you call the IRS directly, you will talk to a junior IRS tax collector whose job is to collect information to use against you to collect on your full tax balance, even if you are experiencing financial hardship. Frontline collectors are NOT tasked with the responsibility of getting a lower agreement for you

Requirements: User needs to complete the form and reach the confirmation page. The form will not let the user submit it unless they owe 10K and higher in tax debt. We are looking to generate leads that are 10K and over in tax debt

NOTE: Offer converts on sold lead where stated debt is over $10,000. Users with lower will not be paid

You need to provide an email proof or placement before you start running the offer. Conversions without an email proof or placement will be rejected

Payment Terms: Weekly Payment

Allowed Methods of Promotion:
• Blog
• Contextual
• Display traffic
• Email traffic
• Native
• Search traffic
• Social traffic

• No Adult traffic
• No Autosuscription
• No Bot traffic
• No Content Locking
• No Coreg
• No Fraud/Fakes/Duplicates
• No iFrame
• No Incent
• No Misleading
• No Proxy or VPN
• No SMS traffic
• No Spam

Targeting Tips: 
– Users with over $10,000 in debt
– Business owners, professionals, high rollers

Offer Additional Terms

Approved From Lines:
Federal Tax - Advocate
IRS Fresh Start Masters
IRS Fresh Start Pros
Tax Associates
Tax Consultant
Tax Helpers
Tax Resolvers
Tax Attorneys

Approved Subject Lines:
Federal Tax Settlements
Save on what you owe to the IRS
IRS Fresh Start Is Here
Good News on your IRS Case
IRS Tax Reduction
New IRS Hardship Qualification
Follow Up on your IRS tax issue
Immediate IRS Protection
Immediate IRS Relief
New IRS Fresh Start Initiative
IRS Assistance
Get IRS Help Now
Get Immediate IRS Relief
Follow up on your tax debt
New IRS Relief Programs Available
Get Protected From The IRS
Stop Aggressive IRS Action
IRS Debt Settlement Methods
Negotiate Your Tax Debt

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