Home Project Pros (US) (CPL) (Revshare) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 50909

Description: customer can order any home service like Window, Solar, Roofing etcrement and submit the valid details

Requirements: Converts on booking a Quote for Repair/Upgrade/Renovate (any service)

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Email, Display, SMS, Social

Creative Approval Required before sending live traffic

Restrictions: No Native, No In app, No Pop up / under, No Preloading, No Offerwall, No Video, No Rewarded Video, No SMS, No Incent, No Adult trafic, No VPN, No Proxy, No Click Spamming, No Click Injection, No Incent



Offer Additional Terms

Affiliates must send email preview to account manager for sign off before live broadcasts begin. No leads will be paid without approval.

Mailer Access Key: https://www.affiliateaccesskey.com/m-qxrr-o55-7dff8aa1373b57358bbfb19ee1539e86

Optout Link: https://www.marstwoseven.com/o-qxrr-o55-cf038b36642e6945080a638969d092e1


Offer information last updated on 4th Jul 24.

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Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan1y
Expiration Date
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