Hello Genius V2 – Life Insurance (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

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Description: Provide support for your family, pay off debts, and cover funeral expenses with a customized plan. Get a quote today!

Requirements: Full Form Submit

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Email, Social

Restrictions: No Fraud, No Survey, No Adult, No Bot, No Content locking, No Misleading, No Hoax

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 PREPOP INSTRUCTIONS -------------------- &fname={first name} &lname={last name} &email={email} &phone={phone} #s only &zip={zipcode} &source_id={FACEBOOK PIXEL ID}

• Strictly prohibited to use any kind of fraudulent activities, incentive and bot traffic.

• Advertiser reserves the right to not pay for fraudulent leads, bad lead data (such as obviously fake names combined with bad phone numbers and/or invalid email addresses) and/or restricted traffic.

• Custom creatives must be sent for approval PRIOR TO USE and ANY ALTERATIONS to approved creatives must be resubmitted PRIOR TO USE, or risk nonpayment.

Offer information last updated on 3rd Jul 24.

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Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan1y
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