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Offer ID: 23393 platform has been designed so that users can contact certified doctors online who can consult them and prescribe them reliable medical treatment, quickly and discreetly, without having to make a prior appointment with the doctor and by receiving a secure electronic prescription valid in any pharmacy. It only takes 2 minutes to place an order, the prescription will be issued online by our certified doctor. Requirements and Restrictions: ● Affiliates should only promote the medical service offered by DoktorABC and should not advertise/promote specific medications, however websites can include factual and balanced information about medications. ● Direct linking from Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebooks Ads is not allowed, unless agreed upon before. ● All banners, plre-landers and mailers created by webmasters must be prior approved by account manager

About DoktorABC – is a fast growing online prescription and pharmacy service in Germany, France and UK. Our service allows customers to receive an e-prescription and purchase medications and receive them at their doorstep the next day with free delivery.

DoktorABC is one of the leading providers of telemedicine services for patients in Germany. Since 2018, our users have received quick, easy, and accessible healthcare services. All, without judgement and with complete discretion and confidence, they are getting the most professional service in the market.

Thousands of users had already rated it excellent on Trustpilot. Our Users save valuable time and hassle, getting their online medical consultation with certified doctors in just a few clicks, allowing them to get the most suitable treatment prescribed for them, and can even choose to receive their treatment directly to their doorstep with free shipping**.

Key Features:

Guidelines: Always talk about Treatment requests and don’t ask for a specific medicine.

When talking about Asthma – make sure to emphasise the fact that we are not an emergency service (see disclaimer)

When talking about DoktorABC – make sure to address it as an online platform.

The Doctors: are not working for DoktorABC – they are online doctors on the platform.

You can write – Certified /Licensed doctors / Pharmacies.

You cannot write: “Our doctors” / “Our pharmacies”

Our service (Main benefits):

● Fast, safe and discreet service
● Online Prescription
● Free delivery
● Most Common brands and generic medicines.
● Original medication
● No need to talk with a doctor in person:
● The Consultation process is being made via an online questionnaire

Disclaimers (Must have):

To every prescription drug:

*Prescribing of the medicine is subject to the doctor’s approval.

When giving a discount:

**The discount refers to the treatment fee (incl. prescription) applicable to the first {name of the category: ED / BC / Asthma/other} treatment.

When talking about Free Shipping:

***If you select the medication delivery option during the ordering process, we will automatically forward your prescription to a mail-order pharmacy recommended by us. They will dispense your medication and ship it via UPS/DHL with free expedited shipping. Alternatively, you can just have the prescription sent to you by post and then redeem it in a pharmacy of your choice.

When talking about asthma:

****Our service is not intended for emergencies. Call the emergency services on 112 or contact your local doctor if you need urgent medical help.

Offer information last updated on 23rd Jun 22.

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