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Offer Terms and Conditions No incentive traffic is allowed (unless previously agreed and signed off by your Encknet Network Account Manager). Any traffic that is found to come from an incentive source that is not signed off will be rejected and the affiliate may be removed from the campaign. Fraudulent activity is taken seriously and any traffic that is deemed to be fraudulent will be terminated and result in the affiliate being removed from the campaign and potential suspension or expel from the network. All activity must be approved by an Account Manager any unapproved traffic may be rejected. All Email, Creatives Proof must be sent for approval for all offers that required proof. Conversions without proof or placement been approved will be rejected All Creatives should be sent to [email protected] with the Offer Id and inform your Account Manager. Creative Approval: Only approved assets may be used to promote campaigns, unless explicitly approved in advance. Conversion: Converts on Valid Lead Submit Return policy: Lead Info is correct, lead is able to be reached, and lead actually submitted the form. If any of those are incorrect, lead will be reversed Email Proof Required Send Custom Creatives For Approval Restricted states: AK, FL, HI, IL, KY, MI, NY, OH, OK, TX, VT Credit Score: Excellent or Good only Loan Amount: 150,000 or above LTV: 80% or less Anything outside of this wont sell or convert at the moment Physical Opt-Out: NO NETWORK Syndication w/o approval SMS TRAFFIC IS ON APPROVAL NO SMS, NO SEO, NO SURVEY,NO INCENT, NO COREG, NO PROXY   converts best from 9Am to 6PM EST (NewYork timezone) KPI:   unsubscribe link  https://www.stringthreefour.com/o-jwpq-i33-0f9e3b72489438a219a416c489aa82c5   Approved Subject Lines Get record low rates for a new purchase mortgage Get record low rates for a mortgage refinance Save up to $3,264 a year for a Refinance Save up to $3,264 / year for a Mortgage Refi Refinance from our Top Tier Mortgage Partners What type of loan are you looking for, [Fname]? 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