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Offer Terms and Conditions No incentive traffic is allowed (unless previously agreed and signed off by your Encknet Network Account Manager). Any traffic that is found to come from an incentive source that is not signed off will be rejected and the affiliate may be removed from the campaign. Fraudulent activity is taken seriously and any traffic that is deemed to be fraudulent will be terminated and result in the affiliate being removed from the campaign and potential suspension or expel from the network. All activity must be approved by an Account Manager any unapproved traffic may be rejected. All Email, Creatives Proof must be sent for approval for all offers that required proof. Conversions without proof or placement been approved will be rejected All Creatives should be sent to [email protected] with the Offer Id and inform your Account Manager. Requirements: User completes the Experian Insurance auto lead form. Experian gives consumers quick and easy access to their credit reports. It is the leading provider of online consumer credit reports, credit scores, and credit monitoring.  Experian provides credit monitoring products to more than 3.1 million members and has delivered more than 20 million credit reports on KPI: Policies:Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords Publisher agrees that it shall not: (a) register any trademarks or domain names of ECD (Experian Consumer Direct), any of its affiliated companies, competitors or any other company; (b) use any such trademarks or domain names as a display URL in any search engine listing; and/or (c) direct link to any such domain names. ECD’s and its affiliated companies’ trademarks and domain names include the following (including, without limitation, any misspellings or variations thereof, or any similar terms): CardSafe, ProtectMyID.com, Child Secure, Triple Advantage, ConsumerInfo, ConsumerInfo.com, www.consumerinfo.com, FreeCreditReport.com, www.freecreditscore.com, FreeCreditScore.com, www.protectmyid.com, Get the score, www.qspace.com, CreditCheck, www.creditchecktotal.com, CreditCheck Total, www.creditreport.com, CreditReport.com, www.creditscore.com, CreditScore.com, www.creditwatch.com, CreditWatch.com, www.experian.com, ECD, www.experiandirect.com, Experian, www.experian.experiandirect.com, Experian Consumer Direct, www.experianinteractive.com, Experian Interactive, www.familysecure.com, Family Secure, www.freecreditreport.com, iPlace, www.qspace.iplace.com, Know Your Score, Triple Alert, www.triplealert.comNegative Matching for Protected Keywords RequiredSearch Campaigns - Non-compete SEM Bidding Keywords You must use the negative keywords listed below when purchasing PPC keyword advertising on offers run through our network. These keywords must not be used in Display URL’s, Ad Text, Destination URL’s and Creatives: Absolutely free, Annual, Annual credit report, Annual report, Annualcreditreport, Annualcreditreport.com, Bad credit advisor, Bad credit help, Boost credit, Build credit, CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Clean up, Clean-up, Cleanup, Clean credit, Consumer credit repair, Correct, Corrected, Correcting, Correction, Credit counsel, Credit counseling, Credit counselors, Credit dispute, Credit dispute repair, Credit help, Credit improvement, Credit monitoring services, Credit repair, Credit report repair, Debt repair, Disclosure, Dispute, Disputed, Disputing, Experian, Experian Consumer Direct, Experian Consumer Services, Experian Credit Manager, Experian DataSecure, FACTA, FACT Act, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA, Federal Trade Commission, FTC, Federal law, Fico, Fico score, Fix, Fix credit, Free annual credit report, Improve, Improvement, Improving, Increase, Increasing, Lifelock, Lifelock.com, Raise, Raising, Repair, Repair credit, Repair services, RestorationSearch Campaigns - Recommended SEM Bidding Keywords None; see above policies under "Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords" and "Negative Matching for Protected Keywords"Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content You may not use, directly or indirectly, the names ”Free Credit Score”, ”freecreditscore.com”, “ConsumerInfo.com,” “FreeCreditReport.com,” “Experian,” “CreditCheckTotal,” “FamilySecure,” “TripleAlert,” “annualcreditreport.com,” “ProtectMyID,” “ProtectMyId.com,” “www.ProtectMyId.com,” or a misspelling or variant thereof as a Display URL. You may however, use the above product names in the Display URL after the first slash. (An example of this would be “yourdomain.com/CreditReport”.)Search Campaigns - Limited Use SEM Display URL Content See above policies under "Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords"Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content Your display name(s) in pay-per-click ads may not contain (either as all or as part of its name) the words "freecreditscore.com," “consumerinfo.com,” “freecreditreport.com,” “creditchecktotal.com,” “familysecure.com,” “triplealert.com,” “experian.com,” “annualcreditreport.com” or “ProtectMyID” or any misspellings thereof in the title or descriptions within the ad copy. Publishers agree that they will not include any of the terms listed below (including, without limitation, any misspellings or variations thereof, or any similar terms) in its search terms and domain names. They shall add such terms to its search account or system as a “negative” match option if it participates in keyword buys, including with a “broad” or “phrase” keyword match option turned on: Absolutely free, Credit counseling, Federal law, Annual, Credit counselors, Fico, Annual credit report, Credit dispute, Fico score, Annual report, Credit dispute repair, Fix, Annualcreditreport, Credit help, Fix credit, Annualcreditreport.com, Credit improvement, Free annual credit report, Bad credit advisor, Credit repair, Government, Bad credit help, Credit report repair, Improve, Boost credit, Debt repair, Improvement, Build credit, Disclosure, Improving, Clean up, Dispute, Increase, Clean-up, Disputed, Increasing, Cleanup, Disputing, Lifelock, Clean credit, FACTA, Lifelock.com, Consumer credit repair, FACT Act, Raise, Correct, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Raising, Corrected, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Repair, Correcting, FCRA, Repair credit, Correction, Federal Trade Commission, Repair services, Credit counsel, FTC, Restoration, RestoreMyID, RestoreMyID.com, SafetyWeb, SafetyWeb.com, Triple Advantage, Triple AlertSearch Campaigns - Limited Use SEM Ad Copy Content See above policies under "Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords" and "Negative Matching for Protected Keywords"Search Campaigns - Direct Linking NoSearch Campaigns - Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers See above policies for search marketing.Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Domain Keywords See "Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content"Web Site - Prohibited Web Site URL Keywords See "Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content"Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Content The following content and/or terminology is prohibited: • promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances, nudity, sex, pornography, adult-oriented content, expletives, or inappropriate language; • promotes illegal or unethical activity, racism, hate, “spam,” mail fraud, gambling, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities, or illegal advice; • is libelous, defamatory, infringing, false, misleading, or contrary to public policy; • may expose CreditReport.com and/or its affiliated or associated companies negative publicity at the sole reasonable discretion of CreditReport.com • misleads, uses scare tactics or plays upon the fears of the consumer; • implies that there will be inaccuracies within a consumer’s credit history and that they are beyond the consumer’s control; • demeans the credit bureaus; • represents CreditReport.com as “credit repair,” “advice,” or a way for individuals to improve their credit score and/or offer to help the consumer restore a credit report, including, without limitation, using terms similar to: (1) clear, fix, or improve your credit, (2) clean up your credit, (3) repair your credit, and (4) guidance on how to correct your credit report; • provides information regarding consumer disputes or inaccuracies with respect to consumers’ credit reports; • refers to the consumer’s credit report as a disclosure; • represents CreditReport.com as the central source where individuals may receive their free credit report allowed by federal law; or • misrepresents CreditReport.com’s business or services, or provides misleading information concerning CreditReport.com’s business • advertises a "free credit report" or • incentivizes the consumer with cash, points, virtual goods or other currencyWeb Site - Unacceptable Web Sites Classified advertising of any form on CraigsList.org (or similar sites, including but not limited to any online newspaper classified site) that uses or refers to CreditReport.com is expressly prohibited. Furthermore, any linking directly or indirectly from CraigsList.org classifieds (or similar sites, including but not limited to “rent to own” type sites, job listing sites, any online newspaper classified site, etc.) to CreditReport.com Ads or CreditReport.com Sites is expressly prohibited.Web Site - Use of Logos and Trademarks in Web sites Publishers must ensure all Experian trademarks are used properly. (CreditReport.comTM, freecreditscore.comTM, and ProtectMyID.com®)Incentivized Traffic Not allowed - Not allowed unless given permission by Experian Affiliate Team.Email Not allowed - Not allowed unless given permission by Experian Affiliate Team.Software Not allowed - Not allowed unless given permission by Experian Affiliate Team.Sub-Affiliates Not allowed - Not allowed unless given permission by Experian Affiliate Team.Social Media Not allowed - Not allowed unless given permission by Experian Affiliate Team.Coupons and Promotional Codes Publishers may use any coupons or promotional codes that are provided through the affiliate program or otherwise available to the publicMiscellaneous - Special Instructions If you are no longer in our program, all creative and links to our sites must be removed. -If using “for a limited time” language, the offer must actually be for a limited time. ECS and Publisher will agree to the length of time for the offer. -You are not contractually authorized to produce advertising creative on our behalf. All creative that is not from our system must be expressly approved by us prior to usage, including links within blogs or websites. If the need arises to produce advertising, you must contact us for additional guidelines. -Words such as “manage,” “repair,” “fix,” “clean” or similar words may not be used in any of our ads or in blogs that our ads are in as it relates to credit and/or credit scores.May not use “free credit report,” “annual credit report”, "triple advantage" or similar verbiage. -No advertising within an “enrollment” or “sign-up” flow on a website. -May not use other competitors’ logos in ads relating to us and vice versa. -May not require a consumer to input a score on a website or imply that Consumer should pull credit information from ECS sites in order to participate in a program or offer advertised on Publisher site, or require a consumer to sign up with us in order to receive information from website. -No ads linking directly to OP1 without express prior written approval. -May not use “Our Preferred/Recommended Credit Score Provider” or similar verbiage -Ensure that you use the appropriate trademarks. -Always ensure that you have the short-form disclosure “with enrollment in [prod name]” in your ads when a trial period applies. -No advertising in an order flow that requires our offer to be completed if it doesn’t include a “no thanks” button. -No advertising on any government, unemployment, Section 8 housing, food stamp, public benefit or entitlement sites, or sites that resemble/imply these types of sites. -No integrated advertising on job sites where the site is collecting information on a consumer and then redirecting a consumer to another job site. -For products offering one credit score at enrollment: ads mentioning a “score” must refer to an “Experian Credit Score” or an “Experian PLUS Score.” -For products offering three credit scores at enrollment: ads mentioning “scores” must include “Credit Scores by Experian” or “Scores calculated on the PLUS Score model” near the CTA. -All banner ads should contain the short-form disclosure (with enrollment in CreditReport.com) in close proximity to the offer, provided that all required disclosures are on the landing page. For smaller ads with space constraints, please contact ECS prior to publishing those ads

Offer information last updated on 13th Jul 24.

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Expiration Date22nd February 2025
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