Exclusive Multimedia 2 (ALL) (Revshare) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 43915

Description: Exclusive Multimedia 2

Requirements: CC Submit

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Social, Push, Google, Email. Facebook, Native, Pop, SMS, Display

Restrictions: No Incent, No Fraud, No Adult, No Bots

*You need to provide an email proof or a placement before you start running the offer.

Offer Additional Terms

The countries we do not buy from. The rest are accepted.
AF    Afghanistan
AI    Anguilla
AO    Angola
BA    Bosnia and Herzegovina
BB    Barbados
BF    Burkina Faso
BI    Burundi
BJ    Benin
BR    Brazil
BW    Botswana
CA    Canada
CD    Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
CF    Central African Republic
CG    Congo
CI    Cote d'Ivoire
CN    China
CY    Cyprus
DZ    Algeria
EG    Egypt
ER    Eritrea
ET    Ethiopia
GE    Georgia
GH    Ghana
GM    Gambia
GN    Guinea
GW    Guinea-Bissau
ID    Indonesia
IL    Israel
IQ    Iraq
IR    Iran, Islamic Republic of
KE    Kenya
LR    Liberia
LS    Lesotho
MG    Madagascar
MK    Macedonia
ML    Mali
MR    Mauritania
MY    Malaysia
MZ    Mozambique
NA    Namibia
NG    Nigeria
PK    Pakistan
RE    Reunion
RO    Romania
RU    Russian Federation
RW    Rwanda
SD    Sudan
SL    Sierra Leone
SO    Somalia
SS    South Sudan
SZ    Swaziland
TD    Chad
TG    Togo
TN    Tunisia
TZ    Tanzania, United Republic of
UA    Ukraine
UG    Uganda
ZW    Zimbabwe

Offer information last updated on 2nd Jul 24.

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Countries Accepted
Session Lifespan1y
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