Diabetic Peripheral Neropathy (DPN) Pain – Clinical Trial Recruit (US) (1050055) (INV37334)

Offer ID: 3223

Description: See if you qualify for a health study in your area. We’re looking for qualified participants to visit our nationwide research locations to participate in paid research studies. Take this brief survey to see if you qualify. If you qualify, you will be asked to provide a phone number to schedule your in-person interview. Payouts per study vary, but you are welcome to ask for specific details when you are called.

Requirement: Users must successfully complete the screener & provide contact information at the end, including phone number. A representative will call, and if the phone number rings as a valid number, the conversion is initiated. The call center will make multiple attempts to follow up with a given lead.

LOI: Approximately 10 minutes

IR: 100% of users will qualify after targeting the below

PII: Name, email, phone #

Mobile-responsive? Yes

– Select ZipCodes/DMAs. Male or female, 18+ years of age.
Has diagnosed with diabetes- Reports symptoms consistent with moderate to severe, active disease- Meets protocol-appropriate treatment requirements

Restrictions : None

REPORTING: Please note that conversion occurs on the completion of the screener. However, payout will actually occur when users are evaluated by the client and are considered a valid referral. A valid referral is an individual who completes the screener and qualifies for the study and provides a valid phone number for the client to contact them at. Reporting and valid conversions will be uploaded/adjusted at the end of each month.

The client measures success on how many users actually attend in-person or over-the-phone interviews. While reversals will not occur on those points, we urge any partners to display these projects in a way that encourages only user who actually want to take the in-person or phone study.
NOTES: Please see the creative section to download the most up to date DMA/Zipcode list for Geo-targeting.

Offer information last updated on 20th December 2020.

Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan8064 hours
Expiration Date17th February 2037
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