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Offer ID: 24506

– Traffic with a CTI rate lower than 0.1% is deemed potentially less acceptable traffic and may be charged back
– Installs that occur less than 10 seconds after the associated click may be charged back
– At least 50% of installs must occur within one hour of the click or traffic may be charged back

**Advertiser will chargeback all traffic flagged in Fraudscore
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Offer converts on install and open app.
Promoting on is not allowed. Daily click volume in excess of 200,000 with a click to install rate of less than 0.01% is considered fraudulent and will be subject to immediate blacklisting.

Offer Additional Terms

Advertiser retains the right to refuse the leads that do not have subafid parameter.

In such cases Advertiser will provide Publisher with detailed evidence of such leads, which will be considered inappropriate, and advertiser may chargeback leads if:
1. They were generated from the same IP or IP subnet;
3. They were generated using botnet IP or IP used by a hijacked device;
leads generated through traffic types other than ones permitted in the IO
5. Site audience does not correspond to the audience campaign OS (OS related issues);
6. Password and/or login were generated by an Executor’s script; and
7. Fake device IDs (user agent, IDFA/Android ID, MAC address ? ?.?.) and their combinations.
Restrictions Applicable to All Offers

In addition to the offer-specific restrictions noted in each offer above (if any), the following restrictions apply to all offers within this IO. Media Company will contractually obligate its third-party affiliate marketers (“publishers”) to abide by these restrictions when promoting Advertiser’s offers.

Permitted traffic types: 1. Mobile display; and 2. In app traffic.

1. No traffic from adult websites, incentivization, pop ups or push notifications
2. No email traffic
3. Smartphones only, no tablets
4. No reselling/rebrokering offers
5. No chat-box/bot traffic
6. Tier 1 Carriers preferably (T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T). Publishers sending large volumes of traffic outside of these carriers will have their traffic evaluated. Advertiser is responsible for paying for leads up until pausing. Additional carriers to be evaluated on a per publisher basis.
7. No social (including Facebook and Twitter) or search (including Google Adwords) promotion.

Creative materials Restrictions: Publisher is allowed to use creative materials that are provided by the Advertiser. If Publisher wishes to create materials to promote the Advertiser’s themselves, these materials should:
1. Have the Advertiser’s logo or domain name;
2. Receive the Advertiser’s prior approval before using. NOTE: Publishers are not allowed to use Advertiser’s creative materials or design other materials, similar to Advertiser’s creative materials (banners, landing pages, etc.) to promote any other site or apps. All creative materials are considered to be Advertiser’s intellectual property
·    Click Injection - installs coming within 10 seconds or less from the time of the click may be charged back
·    Click Spamming – publishers with less than 50% of installs occurring within the first hour after click may have installs charged back
·    OS Version – publishers with unexpected rates of installs from old operating systems may have leads charged back
·    Anonymous IP – publishers with high rates of installs from anonymous IP addresses may have leads charged back

Offer information last updated on 23rd Jun 22.

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Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUSA UK New Zealand Germany Canada
Session Lifespan720 hours
Expiration Date4th January 2031
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