Cindy (Web) [Multi] Affiliate Programme

Offer ID: 12491

The worlds leading AI dating assistant.

Payable Action: SOI.

Restrictions: No Incentives. Pop Traffic needs to have a landing page. No mobile. All email marketing activity must be approved by your account manager, before being sent out.

Offer Details
Countries Accepted
Requires Approval
Tracking Protocol
Server Side
Expiration Date
5 February 2023
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Existing Affiliate
New Affiliate
Example Creatives
Offer Terms
Email ads need to be approved before sent and suppression file must be requested from your account manager. For email the only TLDs allowed are: aol, hotmail, yahoo and gmail.

The advertiser for this offer has prepaid. The cap will be adjusted within the first few days of each month to reflect the remaining budget from the advertiser based on their prepayment.