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Offer ID: 19483

Payable Event: Deposit

Please notice:

Our apps are foradults only, we absolutely cannot have minors exposed to our ads or playing our games. That means that all players must be targeted 18+ and for NJ 21+ and ads must be promoted with the age limitation! If you cannot or do not target your players and apps by age please notify me ASAP (I will specify again that not only the apps need to be targeted 18+ but also the audience!)
888 has created banners for all brands. You must use only the creative that 888 had creates and approved for use. That means that in no way can you create your own ads and use them. All can be foundhere
DO NOT Advertise our brands on ‘Family and Kids’ app categories!!
Included in the creative folded is BL for both iOS and android UK apps,please block all included apps from all our campaigns.
These policies are not negotiable and must be applied in every campaigns you use!

Offer information last updated on 23rd Jun 22.

G Partners Small
Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUK
Session Lifespan1344 hours
Expiration Date11st March 2040
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