CashApp Giftcard (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 43095

Description: CashApp

Requirements: Valid Email Submit

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Email, SEO, Social, Push, Native, Display

Restrictions: No Incent, No Fraud, No Adult, No Bot, No Content locking, No Misleading, No Hoax, No Pop

Age targeting: 21+

Geo Trageting US Only

Offer Additional Terms

Affiliates must send email preview to account manager for sign off before live broadcasts begin. No leads will be paid without approval.

Conversions can be scrubbed for hoax, duplicate, fraud & incentizied traffic

You have suppression data available 
If you are planning on running email for this campaign, please download the suppression file and make sure you clean your own list(s) against this file before each email campaign.

From Lines:

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Customer Survey
Customer Feedback
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Your chance!
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You are eligible!
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Client ID:47148-1514

Subject Lines:

This limited one - time offer expires in 03:42 minutes! 
This is your chance to receive a reward
We have been trying to reach you, your reward is waiting!
We have a surprise for our shoppers! 
We want to reward you for your continued loyalty 
We've seen your loyalty and now it's time for us to give thanks
We are looking for new customers, let us reward you! 
You have been selected!    
Your package notification 
We have an important message for you!
We have been trying to reach you - Please respond!
Open Immediately!
Your Participation is Needed!
You are eligible!
Please respond
Time To Get Excited.
Redeem Your Reward After Completing Our Program.
Do You Like To Shop Online?
Hurry, Limited Quantities Only.
Hurry, Limited Time Only
Congratulations! Complete The Short Survey.
We Want To Hear From You
We Have A Surprise For You!
You Could Qualify For A Exclusive Offer.
Great Deals At Popular Stores
Why Are You Still Paying Full Price?
We want to reward you for your feedback! 
We want your business!
We want to support our customers!
You've been chosen! 
We Need Your Confirmation To Ship Your Order
Thank You! To our favorite customer!

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Offer information last updated on 10th Aug 22.

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Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan1y
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