BIK Raport – PL

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BIK report – is a product aimed mainly at people who want to take a loan and check their credit history and scoring points or have not received a loan and would like to know the reason.
Remuneration for a correct application will be granted on the condition that all data contained therein are CORRECT and that the customer activates the user account on their basis (registration with a confirmed identity). Applications generated by unique users are correctly counted.
Activate the BIK Package
-12 downloads of the BIK Report, in which you can check the history of your loans and other liabilities
– BIK alerts for 12 months, thanks to which you will get a warning about arrears or an attempt to extort
– BIK indicator showing the current status of your liabilities for 12 months

Validation takes place at the beginning of each month

Offer information last updated on 22nd Jun 24.

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