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  Target action: 

– Qualification


Finland, Malta, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway
San Marino, Bahrain, Italy, South Korea, Israel, Greece, Brazil, Kuwait, Belgium, Estonia, Qatar, Latvia, Thailand, Poland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Monaco, Argentina, Chile, Liechtenstein, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa
Slovenia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Greenland, Ecuador, Philippines, Turkey, Morocco, Croatia, Hungary, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Colombia, Romania, Panama, Andorra, Costa Rica, Peru, Indonesia, Mexico, Montenegro, Viet Nam
Lebanon, Iran (Islamic Republic Of), Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritius, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Jordan, Georgia, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Algeria, Egypt, Macedonia, India, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Moldova, Albania, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan


120 USD
80 USD
45 USD
22 USD


– All type of devices

  Hold for beginners: 

– 15-30 days

  Hold for trusted partners: 

– 0-30 days.

  Offer description: – this is an international betting company, where players will find the most interesting and exciting games, high stakes and fast payouts.

The casino provides a safe and comfortable game. Modern Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, advanced firewall and 24-hour support – it is the best and most narrowed casino among all competitors.


Test limit: 10-15 conversions.

Target audience: men and women 18+.


Benefit for customers:

High rate.
24/7 support.
Complete data confidentiality.
Fast payouts and a huge selection of the best games.

100% localized:


Exceptions by GEO:

United States of America

Recommendations from Alfaleads:

Recommended GEOs (Less competition):

Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon , Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates.

The best traffic sources: Facebook, Google and SEO.

For users who understand what BC is and constantly play it, as the creatives, you can describe the pros and bonuses of this office.

For those who have never played and knows little about this area, you can use success stories. The main thing that they looked trustworthy. 

You should not use anything related to earnings in creatives (for Example: “Easy earnings on the Internet for beginners”, “Real earnings on the Internet”.

As for Italy, we can say that the most popular sport here is football.

In 2017, football had the highest fees among sports betting in the country-about 8.1 billion euros.

In addition to football, the Italians are popular sports such as:

Rugby. It is especially common in Northern Italy.
Golf. Today it is played by more than 9,000 registered Italians.
Tennis. Italian television widely covers the topic of tennis, so the country has a lot of fans of this sport.
Cycling. But in this sport with the Italians can be compared only to that of Belgians: they only managed to get around Italy by the quantity of the won trophies from the World Championships.

Use any information for your own purposes! For example, recently there is a good topic – Cyberbet. You can use any other hype theme.

Before hype fights and the games, people go mad and bet like it is their last bet.

You need to follow the sports world. It is easy, you just need to go to the site and in there you can find upcoming matches and tournaments. And there are not football events, but also all popular sports. We also recommend you to follow the VK sports communities. But it is hard to be aware of any information about hype fights like Khabib fights.

Use themed landings.

Advertisers are willing to prepare them for sports events. We always have themed for all popular events. Such landing pages increase the CR several times!

Then we make creatives.

If you have a designer or you know how to Photoshop in the same style as the land. If you do not have the opportunity to create a quality creative, Alfaleads will help you. Our designers will create for you a banner, GIF or video, for free. How to order Creo? Just write to your personal Manager, he knows what to do.

With solid volumes of high-quality traffic, we can provide higher payouts, as well as promo materials and prelanders designed specially for you.

Offer Additional Terms

Brand bidding is allowed. Spam, mislead, incentive traffic and fraud are prohibited.

To get CPA lead should:

1) Register on the platform

2) Make 20 USD or EUR deposit

3) Play on 20 USD or EUR

Dear partner! This offer has test limits
If the traffic you drive makes less conversions than the test limit, do not rush to demand payment.
If during the whole period of work with the offer, the affiliate has less accumulated deposits  than the test limit, then the advertiser may have difficulties with traffic analysis. Also, Your traffic may not be paid. For more information, please contact your personal manager.
With a small number of conversions, the advertiser may have difficulty analyzing the quality of your traffic.
Therefore, the term of payment for such conversions can be increased at the discretion of the advertiser.
To get an operational feedback on traffic, it is strongly recommended to drive the test limit  quickly as possible.
With stable and high-quality traffic, it is possible to increase the rate.

Offer information last updated on 6th Mar 23.

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