AVA Trade (Hybrid) [IT] Affiliate Programme

Offer ID: 12155

Simulate live markets and start trading immediately with $100,000 for 21 days!

Payable Action: Register for CPL, Deposit ($100 min) + 2 trades CPA.

Restrictions: No Incentives. No underage.

Offer Details
Countries Accepted
Requires Approval
Expiration Date
18 October 2022
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Existing Affiliate
New Affiliate
Offer Terms
Valid CPL:
Valid lead is someone registering a real account MT4 (3 steps and not demo account)

Valid CPA:
Trader is a new active client that has started trading (1+ trades), deposited and shall be from the correct geo: UK, South Africa, Singapore, Canada and Australia

Non Valid CPL:
1) Wrong telephone numbers, where the name of the user answering the call from the advertiser does not match that which has been submitted via the website or where there is a dead line.
2) Duplicate leads where the advertiser can demonstrate the lead has already been received previously In addition, with the above the Advertiser shall not pay;
3) fraudulent leads, fraud being defined as a lead which has been submitted by some electronic or software means designed to manipulate the advertiser’s system or if the lead contains a string of false characters such as “xxx” or “gfhgfgfhfh”.
4) Hoax leads or profanity, Hoax being such details as “mickey mouse” or “donald duck”

Non Valid CPA:
Non valid trader depositors (Frauds) are reported by AVA on monthly report and will be removed from the commission of any relevant affiliate.