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Description: The World’s 1st Wireless Charging Hearing Aids for Less Than $100. Meet the Audien Atom, the most premium, discreet and affordable hearing aids that everyone is talking about

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Additional Restrictions:
Don’t say “FDA” anywhere
Don’t call the devices “digital”
Don’t say it “treats or cures” hearing loss, tinnitus etc.
Don’t say it has the “same” technology as prescription devices
Don’t mention tinnitus

– Relevant Branded terms (e.g. BRAND NAME)
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EPC Range WTD: $1.05-$1.88

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Audien Atom
Hearing Aid
Audien Atom Offer
Audien Atom Partner
Audien Atom Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids
Affordable Hearing Aids
Audien Atom Hearing Devices
Hearing Devices
Affordable Hearing Devices

Approved Subject Lines:
Ηеar Likе Nеvеr Βеforе - Premium Сrystal-Сlеar Sound
Hear every word in conversations, without spending thousands of dollars
The World's 1st Wireless Charging Hearing Aids for Less Than $100
The most premium, discreet and affordable hearing aids that everyone is talking about.
Struggling to hear? This is for you!
Can't hear well? This will help...
Hear better with this...
Affordable hearing device without the hassle!
See How You Can Save Today!
These Hearing Aids Will Change Your Life!
The hearing aids of the future are here
Fight hearing loss with the smallest and most powerful weapon
Hear loud and clear with this…
Hearing aids for a fraction of the price!
This Hearing Aid will make you feel young again

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