Amazing Profit (HK) (CPS)

Offer ID: 36148

Description: Invest in Amazon! With increasing market revenue, Amazon is the undisputed leader. Investors and people who participate in the Amazon model can continue to benefit from the development prospects for Amazon

Requirements: Conversion occurs when customer register and make a minimum deposit of $250

Payment Terms: Weekly Payment

Allowed Methods of Promotion: All traffic allowed

No Auto-subscriptions
No Bot traffic
No Cashback traffic
No Fraud
No Incent
No Proxy or VPN
No Recycled traffic
No Spam

Target audience:
When the guys in call center call the leads they ask questions (KYC), then based on that info they give them a score, we see a perfect match between the score to the PV, as long the score is high then the PV will be.
The score is given based on the KYC: 

1. Male (what we prefer)
2. Age: must to be 35+, when 45+ is better
3. Experience in trading: better if they have
4. Occupation: 
Student is bad
Unemployed – not good
Employed and self-employed – we need 
5. Jobs is super important

Important note: We expect that clients will answer to the retention after the first deposit and expect them to re-deposit, not take all their money from the account

Offer information last updated on 25th Nov 22.

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Session Lifespan1y
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