123 Casinos (UK) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 34155

Description: 123 Casinos – 50 Free Spins

Payable Action: User confirms 1 field (SOI)

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Desktop, Mobile

Restrictions: No Incent, No CoReg traffic, No Streaming websites, No Adult, No Parked domains, No Pop or Pop under traffic.

Age targeting: 18+ 

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All creatives must be pre-approved!

Supression List: https://app.unsubly.com/optimiser/download/create/?nid=1&aid=465&fid=5ee8a57dd471e.csv

About This Campaign:
50 Free Spins, No Deposit Required

Offer information last updated on 23rd Apr 21.

Guru Media Affiliate Network
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Countries AcceptedUK
Session Lifespan1y
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