Non-Paying Advertisers

Over time some Advertisers think its acceptable not to pay invoices and ignore communication in an attempt to avoid having to pay their invoices for leads, sales or clicks delivered to their advertiser campaigns.

At WOW TRK we take this extremely seriously and have multiple processes in place before a client comes on board and whilst they are on board to try and avoid this. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. When this happens if feasible we will take legal action against these clients, however this isn’t always an option.

Below are a list of Advertisers who have not paid their outstanding invoices with us, including the current status of the unpaid debt. We hope you find this list useful when considering working with these companies yourself.

Advertisers who have not paid their outstanding invoices

Life and Insurance Pty Ltd / QuickEmu
Current Status: Unpaid invoices, ignoring all communication.

Leadsbasket / Affilomania
Current Status: Unpaid invoices, refuse to pay the full outstanding amount even though they have acknowledged they are at fault, however as they have lost out commission due to this, they are unwilling to pay their outstanding debt.