Fraud Management

We understand that fraudulent traffic can cost advertisers money. Not only in potentially paying for the fraudulent traffic but also the additional time and resources it takes up for the advertiser, to detect the fraudulent traffic. We take combating any fraudulent traffic or breach of an offers terms very seriously at WOW Trk and strive to ensure quality traffic on the network.

Unfortunately we can’t go into too much detail on how we manage and detect fraud, as we don’t want to help fraudulent affiliates bypass any of the measures we put in place.

However these are some of the systems we have in place to detect and avoid fraudulent traffic/activity on the network:

Phone Verification
All affiliates are required to verify their phone number when signing up to WOW Trk.

Address Verification
If an affiliate wishes to be paid via PayPal, we require them to verify their address. We do this by sending out a letter in the post.

Automated Profile Fraud Score
We look out for certain criteria that fraudulent affiliates tend to have in their account profile and flag this for review.

Automated Activity Fraud Score
We automatically look for certain traffic activity that is common amongst fraudulent affiliates, the system then automatically flags this for review.

New Affiliates
We manually review new affiliates to ensure they understand and follow the network terms and any offer restrictions that are in place by advertisers.

Incentive Traffic
We have procedures in place to look out for affiliates sending incentive traffic to offers which do not allow incentives. We take the breach of traffic restrictions very seriously.

Whilst the above is some of the systems and procedures we have in place, there are more processes in use and we are always looking at developing new ways to not only detect fraud but also flag fraudulent affiliates before they start sending traffic on WOW Trk.

As an additional measure we can put in place ‘require approval’ on an offer. This way we only approve affiliates who have a track record of quality traffic on to the offer, however this can result in reducing traffic to the offer for a number of reasons.