Tutorial: Setting up an Offer Feed on your WordPress Site

Posted on Nov 19, 2013

Setting up a WOW Trk Offer Feed on your WordPress site is pretty straight forward and since it automatically updates with new offers, once it is setup you never have to manually update it.

Firstly login to your WOW Trk account by going to:

Once you have logged in click on ‘Offer Feeds’ in the ‘Tools’ menu on the left.

You will then see this screen (click the screenshot to enlarge):


From this screen you can configure your Offer Feed. For this example I have decided to show ‘Offer Thumbnails’ (88×33 images next to each offer). I have selected a random order, then each time the feed is loaded the order of the offers will change.

In Sub ID I have put ‘offerfeed’ so I know if I earn anything where it has come from. I have also set a limit of 15 offers so if there are a lot of offers to show its not a massive list.

I have also selected the ‘Prize Draws’ and ‘Freebies’ categories as I only want offers to show from these categories and in countries selected ‘United Kingdom’

You can see this below:


Now that I have configured my feed, I simply need to press ‘Generate Code’:


I can then copy this code into my WordPress site or any website, to show the Offer Feed. However for this tutorial I am going to quickly show you how create a WordPress page and paste the code on this page so visitors to your WordPress site can see this Offer Feed.

So now you have the code for your feed login to your WordPress admin panel by going to:

Once you have logged in click on ‘Add New’ in the Pages menu:


Once the new page screen loads, you can create a title for your page for example ‘Freebies & Prize Draws’ and then simply paste in the WOW Trk Offer Feed code you generated.


After that just hit ‘Publish’ and this page will be live on your site and will automatically update with new offers.

Now that you have completed this, let your users know about your new page!

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