Keep up to Date with Your Earnings

Posted on May 02, 2014

So you have delivered traffic and you want to keep up to date with your earnings on WOW Trk?

We understand how exciting it as an affiliate to keep up to date with your earnings as easily possible so you can see how much you are making! That is why we offer a huge range of tools to make it easy, with more to come later in 2014.

Chrome App
Install our free Chrome app and you can quickly chat your stats in a second by clicking on the little WOW Trk icon in the corner of your screen. You can even see a mini breakdown.

Firefox App
Not a Chrome user? You can download our free Firefox App to quickly check your stats without having to login.

Android App
Got an Android phone? Download our free mobile app from Google Play now and keep up to date on the move.

Mobile Site
Just go to on your mobile phone to quickly check your stats (note: you will need your API key to login).

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