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Posted on Aug 12, 2013

At WOW Trk we want to make sure we’re giving you, our Affiliates, the best deal possible. That’s why we’ve recently compared all of our payouts with other networks, and subsequently raised many. Please see a list of offers below with their new, increased payouts.

Fiverr [All]: £8.50
Big Fat Lottos (Jackpot Powerplay) [Multi]: £12.00
Big Fat Lottos Euromillions [Multi]: £12.00
Scratch Mania [Multi]: £37.00

United Kingdom
British Consumer Opinion (Incent) [UK]: £0.60
British Consumer Opinion (No-Incent) [UK]: £1.10 £200 Shopping Vouchers [UK]: £1.10 £5,000 in Cash [UK]: £1.10 £5,000 Holiday To Spain [UK]: £1.10 Gym Membership [UK]: £1.10
MyLuxuryBreak [UK]: £1.80
SweetsForFree [UK]: £1.10
MegaCasino [UK]: £65.00
Toluna [UK]: £2.00

OfferX Dick Smith Vouchers [AU]: £1.20
OfferX $500 Travel Gift Card [AU]: £1.20
OfferX Target Vouchers [AU]: £1.20
OfferX ToysRus Vouchers [AU]: £1.20
OfferX Toshiba 3D-TV [AU]: £1.20
Prime Slots [AU]: £50.00

New Zealand
Prime Slots [NZ]: £50.00

Prime Slots [CA]: £50.00
PrimeScratchCard [CA]: £50.00

United States
Bashbound [US]: £1.00
My Web Reward Survey [US]: £1.00
Ultismo [US]: £1.00

Free-Choice [SG]: £0.90 [SG]: £0.90
Great Singapore Voucher [SG]: £0.90
Palm of Fortune [SG]: £0.90
YourVoucher Singapore [SG]: £0.90

Love Meter [MY]: £1.45
Cheat Meter [MY]: £1.45
KikoRiki [MY]: £1.45
Playmo iPhone 5 [MY]: £1.45
Playmo iPad Hunt [MY]: £1.45
Playmo Top3 [MY]: £1.45

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