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Posted on Jul 21, 2014

FanUnited [UK]
Description: FREE Tickets to Top Sports Events!
Payable Action: 3rd Page Submit
Payout: £0.85

Swooosh iPad Air [AU]
Description: Win a brand new iPad Air!
Payable Action: First Page Submit
Payout: £1.25 [AU]
Description: Members Get Access to Thousands of Local Free Samples along with great giveaways we find online when you join our free mailing list.
Payable Action: First Page Submit
Payout: £0.88

S.K.I.L.L. [Multi]
Description: Free to play!
Payable Action: Registration
Payout: £1.30

OfferX iPad Mini [AU]
Description: Win an iPad Mini!
Payable Action: First Page Submit
Payout: £1.35

BioMag Therapy [UK]
Description: The BioMag Therapy.
Payable Action: Sale
Payout: 16.00%

Awesome Rewards [US]
Description: Battle of the consoles, this is your chance to get an awesome reward!
Payable Action: Email Submit
Payout: £1.10

Graduate Coach [All]
Description: Nail that Interview!
Payable Action: Sale
Payout: £6.00

Dateformore [DE]
Description: Now FREE to register! It is time for an erotic adventure!
Payable Action: SOI
Payout: £1.40

Parwise [DE]
Description: See your recommended partners for free. Sign up now!
Payable Action: DOI
Payout: £5.35

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