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Posted on Apr 16, 2013

US – Yellowise Anti Depression (CPC)
Description: Get information on Anti-Depression Medication and find treatment options.
Payable Action: Upon click
Payout: £0.39

US – USInsuranceOnline (CPC)
Description: The Fastest Way to Get Free Health Insurance Quotes!
Payable Action: Upon click
Payout: £0.39

AU – Eftel Duo Plans iPod Shuffle & Pendo Speaker Dock
Description: High-Speed ADSL2+ Broadband plus Unlimited local, national and standard Australian mobile calls using your home phone. Surf and chat all you want using your home phone with this great bundle from Eftel. For a limited time, get a Bonus Apple iPod Shuffle and a Pendo Speaker Dock when you sign up on a 12 month contract.
Payable Action: First page submit.
Payout: £7.40

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