The Best CPA Offers On WOW Trk Right Now

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

With literally hundreds of offers spanning numerous countries and verticals in our inventory, WOW Trk continues to be one of the leading international affiliate networks on the Internet today. Faced with so much variety and so many offers, some affiliates may feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. Or maybe you just want to save a little time in your searching.

To lend a helping hand to publishers from all walks of affiliate marketing, we’ve compiled together a number of the best CPA offers available today for you to promote through your website, mailing list, social media, search engine marketing or other traffic generation strategy.

In terms of affiliate programs with the highest payouts per successful conversion, the best CPA offers on WOW Trk right now are the following:

Highest CPA Payout Levels


Banc De Binary (£198.00 CPA) – Available in 15 countries, like Canada, Australia and Switzerland

OptionBit (£190.00 CPA) – Available in 15 countries, including Singapore, Denmark and the Russian Federation

FXGM (£180.00 CPA) – Available in Spain, France and Italy as three separate affiliate offers.

Interactive Option (£179.00 CPA) – Available in 5 countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland

BinaryBrokerZ (£179.00 CPA) – Available in 18 countries, like Hong Kong, Poland and United Arab Emirates

Based on this, the most lucrative CPA offers in the WOW Trk inventory at this time are mostly in the finance and forex/binary industry verticals. However, the offers with the highest individual payouts aren’t necessarily the most profitable.

For affiliates who would rather focus on generating larger volumes of quality traffic that convert better, the best offers in the WOW Trk network are those with the highest conversion rates. This list will understandably change, but as of this writing, the best conversion rates are held by these affiliate offers:

Best Conversion Rates

FreePrizeDraws Tesco Vouchers (25.10%) – For the Ireland market

Ipsos – i-Say Survey (22.72%) – For the France market

4Story (19.11%) – For the Germany market

FreePrizeDraws Apple iPad (11.88%) – For the Ireland market

Just For Her (11.65%) – For the New Zealand market

Based on this list, the offer categories that provide the best conversion rates–with the noted exception of gaming in the case of 4Story–are prize draws and online surveys. This makes sense, given that these are the categories with the lowest barrier to entry for website visitors to convert.

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