9 New Offers for UK, IT and INT

Posted on Sep 22, 2014

Swagbucks [Multi]
Description: Join Swagbucks. The Largest Free Online Rewards Program.
Payable Action: DOI
Payout: £1.30

Videostripe [Multi]
Description: 7-day access for free!
Payable Action: Submission of Credit Card details
Payout: £6.00

PanelPlace – Exclusive [UK]
Description: PanelPlace offers you a comprehensive technology platform to participate in genuine paying Survey Panels and manage of your survey activities. It’s free, join now!
Payable Action: Email confirmation + profile set up.
Payout: £0.56

SolarPanelQuoter [UK]
Description: Instant online quotes for solar panels, both photovoltaic and hot water solar panel systems.
Payable Action: Form Completion (Lead verified by telephone)
Payout: £12.00

Getsolarprices.co.uk [UK]
Description: Request comparison quotes for Solar Panels across the UK.
Payable Action: Form Submit
Payout: £4.00

Solar Guide [UK]
Description: Solar Guide is one of the UK’s leading online resources for solar energy. Our installers cover the entire UK!
Payable Action: Form Submit (Lead Validated by Phone)
Payout: £21.00

Lottosend [Multi]
Description: We provide our customers with a safe, reliable and comfortable venue to enjoy the world’s most popular and licensed lottery games (Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions etc). We know it’s not easy for everyone to stop off at a licensed retailer for lottery tickets, so we are the online easy solution. LottoSend makes it easy for everyone to play the lottery online.
Payable Action: Ticket Purchase
Payout: £16.00

Casual Club [IT]
Description: Register anonymously as a woman, man or couple and describe your ideal partner and your secret fantasies. We will suggest you potential partners according to your preferences. You can contact them anonymously and get to know them. You will be able to get in touch with potential partners all over the World. Choose up to five different locations to look for a partner.
Payable Action: Registration
Payout: £1.40

LifeInTwo [IT]
Description: Life in Two is one of the most esteemed international online dating agencies addressed to those who’re looking for a steady relationship. The true love.
Payable Action: Registration
Payout: £1.85

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