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Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Over the last few days, 4 new offers have gone live in the Biz Opp, Retail, Travel and Leisure & Sweepstakes categories. Please find information about each offer below. If you have any questions about any of these new offers don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or our general support team.

The Pet Kings [UK]
Description: Get accessories, toys and products for your pets!
Discount Codes:
Custom discount codes and also video creatives are available, please contact your account manager.
Payable Action: Sale.
Restrictions: Any SMS or email traffic must be pre-approved with your account manager.
Payout: 18.75%

Singapore Visa [Multi]
Description: Singaporevisa-online.org offers Singapore Visas to Individuals, Groups & Corporates traveling to UAE for Business, Tourism, Visiting Family or Friends, Conferences, Events, Exhibitions & more.
Types of Singapore visa:
Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry)
Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry)
Service advantages for users:
Hassle free application process
24/7 support team
No hotel & flight reservation is required
Fast processing and delivery of visa in timely manner
Negligible rejections
Affiliate Programme Highlights
High website conversion rate
30 days cookie duration
On-demand content & landing page support
Target Audience:
GEO: Asia Pacific, US, UK, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia
Frequent traveller
Why partner with us?
High rewards for publishers
Our conversion rate is exceptional
We have an extremely high retention rate – our customers love the service
Payable Action: Successful Payment
Restrictions: No bot, no incent, no co-reg, no Trademark bidding, no classified ads, no adult traffic, no torrent traffic, no iPod traffic, no push notifications. All email marketing and SMS activity must be approved by your account manager, before being sent out.
Payout: 7.50%

Unlimited Success Ebook – Amazon [UK]
Description: Download this free ebook and with 4 Simple Steps, how could could make £3,000 to £5,000 a month in 90 days selling on Amazon.
Payable Action: Email Submit
Restrictions: Email, display & social only. All email marketing activity must be approved by your account manager, before being sent out.
Payout: £1.10

OfferX Groceries [NZ]
Description: Win $500 to spend on your groceries.
Payable Action: 2nd Page Submit
Restrictions: No email until Opt in URs have been provided and signed off. Only display traffic accepted, all other methods must be pre-approved. No promotion on violent sites or pages, no illegal traffic, no incent, no adult, no typo squatting. 18+ only.
If sending an email – subject line, from line and creative must not be changed in any way.
Payout: £0.70

To start running any of these offers login to your account here or open an account instantly.

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