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Posted on Nov 02, 2015

Bingo Hall [US]
Description: Online bingo games you can play at BingoHall offer real cash prizes and jackpots!
Payable Action: Sign-up.
Restrictions: No coreg, no brand bidding, no incentive, no mobile.
Payout: £1.63

Gourmet Society Free Trial [UK]
Description: Special Offer! 1 month FREE dining card. Start saving today… No payment details needed.
Payable Action: Sign Up To Trial
Restrictions: No Incentives, No Networks. Email only.
Payout: £0.60

OPD – Morrisons (email) [UK]
Description: Win a shopping voucher for Morrisons!
Payable Action: 2nd Page Submit.
Restrictions: No Incentives. Email only.
Payout: £0.75

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