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Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Mafia Network [Multi]
Description: Free online mobile game, build your mafia network by playing online. Make friends, complete crimes and become the leader of the network.
Payable Action: When user registers for the game
Payout: £0.40

Woolworths $500 gift voucher [AU]
Description: Get your Chance to WIN a $500 Woolworth’s gift voucher!
Payable Action: 2nd Page Submit
Payout: £0.80

The Pirate Trader [NL, FR, SE, BE, LU, DK, NO, FI]
Description: The Pirate Trader System – Step-by-step instructional video which will teach you how you can start making money online – today.
Payable Action: Simple name and email submit. First page.
Payout: £1.60

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