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Posted on Jun 30, 2014

CM Trading – Forex [Multi]
Description: Live Account in 2 easy steps!
Payable Action: After Registration
Payout: £4.50

Dodo Australia – Xbox Bundles [AU]
Description: The XBOX ONE has arrived at Dodo! Get it bundled with an Unlimited ADSL2+ plan for only $79.90 per month over 24 months. The XBOX 360 is also available for $59.90 per month. Register your interest today.
Payable Action: When a user completes the form and the lead is validated by Dodo verifications.
Payout: £7.00

PrizeOffersDeals – 3rd Generation iPad [AU]
Description: Pick up the new iPad and suddenly, it’s clear. The third-generation iPad is capable of so much more than you ever imagined!
Payable Action: Registration
Payout: £1.05

RockyFroggy.com iSmoke [Multi]
Description: Get an iSmoke Ego + 3 days access to RockyFroggy for 1€!
Payable Action: On sign up to Trial
Payout: £13.00

Vanquis Credit Card [UK]
Description: We’ve already helped over 1.8 million people like you get the credit they deserve!
Payable Action: Completed Application
Payout: £12.00

Swooosh Exclusive – No.7 Cosmetics Basket [UK]
Description: Swooosh, simple savings just for you. Win a No.7 Cosmetics Basket from Boots!
Payable Action: First Page Submit
Payout: £1.00

Mona Louisa [FR]
Description: Mona Louisa fortune teller.
Payable Action: Email Submit
Payout: £0.60

Boiler Quotes [UK]
Description: Boiler Quotes is one of the UK’s leading boiler replacement quotation services. If you need a new boiler or a repair we are the guys to talk to.
Payable Action: Form Fill in (Lead validated by phone)
Payout: £3.20

Which? Click To Call (Mobile) [UK]
Description: Find and arrange your mortgage quickly and simply.
Payable Action: When a user initiates the phone call
Payout: £7.50

Braant [UK]
Description: Local Accountants and Bookkeepers.
Payable Action: First Page Submit
Payout: £12.00

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