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Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Back in 2013 we released a tool that some of you may have seen called ‘Offer Feeds’, its great to see that the affiliate tool is constantly becoming more and more popular!

We built Offer Feeds to be a flexible way to display offers on your site without having to manually update them whilst easily catering for users from all over the world and to earn more from your traffic by having feeds optimise based on EPC or Conversion Rate.

At WOW Trk we are constantly looking at ways to make Offer Feeds as flexible as possible and this includes looking at feedback from affiliates. Some Affiliates have mentioned to us that they would like the ability to set up an Offer Feed to only show offers within a certain payout range. For example say you want to only show offers that pay under £10 you can do that, or you want to show offers that pay between £50-£60 you can do that in just a few clicks with the new ‘Payout Range’ option.

Payout Range Option on Offer Feeds

We understand this feature isn’t for everyone, however we want Offer Feeds to fit the needs of as many affiliates as possible. Those who would like to use it can simply enable it, those who don’t wish to use it can leave it disabled.

If you are unfamiliar with Offer Feeds you can read about the unique tool in our original post back in 2013, ‘NEW! Offer Feeds Tool’. Throughout the years we have updated the Offer Feeds multiple times, make sure to login to your account to see the latest features.

WordPress users can also check out this tutorial from a while back that explains how to setup an Offer Feed on your WordPress site, if you are unsure how to setup Offer Feeds.

As always if you have any suggestions for the Offer Feeds tool please do let us know! :)

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