The 10 Best Affiliate Programs for the UK Right Now

If you are an affiliate marketer, finding the best deals to promote can be a lot of work. Sifting through all the deals to see which one fits best for your target audience takes patience and time. But, at the moment, there are some great programs that could work for almost any affiliate site and audience – and we have gathered them together for you.
Offer ID: 13251
Categories: mobile optimised, gambling

Lotterymaster offers users a chance to play as a group and enter various lotteries online. This deal is a BOGOFF on and could suit almost any audience. The payable action is a deposit of $5 and the payout is worth £33.60. Approval is required.

Sun Bingo
Offer ID: 13075
Categories: mobile optimised, gambling

Sun Bingo is associated with The Sun and is an online bingo site. This deal is a very simple one – users deposit £10 and get £40 to play with. The payable action is the deposit and the payout is worth £52.50. There are some restrictions to consider though including: no streaming and download, no adult content and no articles, no mailers, no cashback, must approve flow and creative before starting.

Offer ID: 11921
Categories: mobile optimised, health and beauty, retail

Foreo is a skincare, well-being and beauty device designer. Their leading product is LUNA™ which is a silicone skin device which is for anti-ageing and facial cleansing. The payable action is a sale and the payout is 11.25%. The only restriction is no trademark bidding and there is no approval required.

Star Stable
Offer ID: 10401
Categories: gaming

Star stable is an online game about horses. The payable action is registration and the payout is £1.25. There are a few restrictions including: No Incentives. No Retargeting. No SEM. No Pop unders/overs. Approval is required.

Manor Financial Funeral
Offer ID: 12979
Categories: mobile optimised, finance

Manor Financial are funeral plan and insurance specialists. The payable action is the user filling out the form and the payout is £15. The only restriction is that there should be no incentives used. Approval is required.

My Magic Name
Offer ID: 8262
Categories: mobile optimised, retail, deals and discounts, incentives

My Magic Name creates personalised storybooks for children using state of the art technology to create unique stories based on the letters of any child’s name. The payable action is the sale and the payout is £4.50. There are two restrictions: No pop or redirect traffic but no approval is required.

Shaw Academy
Offer ID: 13157
Categories: mobile optimised, freebies, trials

The Shaw Academy is the largest real online educator and offers a wide range of online skill development courses.

The payable action is the user signing up for a free trial and CC submit and the payout is £4.50. However, there are some terms you should read through to make sure that you understand what is regarded as a payable action, and what is not. Several restrictions apply including: No Incentives. No adult. No Casino. No Brand Bidding. Any SMS traffic must be pre-approved with your account manager. Approval is required.

Product Testing Beats Pill
Offer ID: 12879
Categories: mobile optimised, freebies

Beats Pill is a portable speaker which is part of the Beats by Dr Dre range. They are looking for product testers to review their experience of the device. The payable action is a second page submit and the payout is £1. There are some restrictions including: No Incentives, No Pop/PPV, No Brand Name Bidding, SMS must be pre-approved. This offer can’t be advertised on sites such as offervault. Approval is required.

Offer ID: 13227
Categories: health and beauty, retail, deals and discounts

Simplycook is a recipe box service offering meals of restaurant standard. The offer here is to claim your first SimplyCook box for £4.99 and get £10 to spend at Majestic Wine! The payable action is a purchase and the payout is £6. There are some restrictions including No incentives (cashback and voucher sites allowed), no adult content, no gambling, no downloadable software, no co-reg, no student sites. Approval is required.

Solar Incentive Advice
Offer ID: 13259
Categories: Incentives, home improvement

This site offers advice to users, giving them realistic advice about the kind of incentives they may be able to claim should they choose to install solar panels. The payable action is a first page submit and the payout is £4.80. There are no restrictions but approval is required.

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