New: Two-Factor Authentication

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

I am very happy to announce Two-Factor Authentication for all advertiser accounts on the WOW Trk Affiliate network!

Two-Factor is a fantastic security feature and one I have been a big advocate of for the past few years.

If you enable Two-Factor Authentication in your account, you will need your mobile phone and your password to login to your account.

Using the free Google Authenticator app a 6 digit number will be generated which you enter when logging in. This ensures that if someone does manage to find out your password they will not be able to login without having your mobile number generate the 6 digit code.

Advertisers to enable this in your account, simply login and in the top navigation bar under ‘Account’ click ‘My Account’. Once your account page loads under ‘Two-Factor Authentication’, click on ‘Change’ and you can simply click to enable it.

Affiliates at present Two-Factor Authentication is not available. However this should become available in the next few months.

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