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Posted on Jul 19, 2016

We have had a number of requests from Affiliates over the past few months for a simple and easy way to export offers to a CSV or XML file. After a month of development, we have put live a new tool in the affiliate interface, ‘Export Offers’.

Export Offers lets you easily export all the offers you have been approved for on WOW TRK to a CSV, XLS, XML or RSS file. With Export Offers, you can easily customise which columns will be included in the downloadable file and also filter the results before downloading them.

Export Offers from within the Affiliate Interface:


You can also get a ‘Live Link’ from Export Offers, which is a unique URL you can load at any time from your web browser (or you could have your server load the URL and extract the data from the results). This URL stays the same but the results will be updated automatically with the latest offers.

If you have any suggestions to improve the Export Offers tool don’t hesitate to ask! We take ideas and suggestions from our Affiliates very seriously and more often than not, we implement their suggestions. :)

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