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Posted on Sep 24, 2014


Keeping affiliates informed about account changes and offer changes is something we feel is extremely important at WOW Trk.

We are very happy to announce the following NEW notifications in the affiliate interface. Over the next 12 months we also plan to improve the range of email alerts you can enable in your account.

The new notifications you will see in your account Notifications mailbox are:

Offer Expiration Approaching
When an offer comes close to the expiration date, a notification will appear in the affiliate interface mail system.

Offer Cap Approaching
If you have been assigned an individual offer cap, once you reach 80% of your cap a notification will appear in the mail system on the affiliate interface. You will also get another notification once you have used up 100% of your cap.

Payment Sent
Once your affiliate invoice (we automatically generate these for you and you can see them in your account) is paid, you will receive a notification in the affiliate interface.

Payout Change
If an offer payout is increased/decreased and you have sent traffic to the offer in the past 7 days, you will receive a notification in the affiliate interface mail box.

We hope you find these new notifications useful. :) If you have any comments please let us know.

Earlier this month we also introduced email alerts for when you are approved/denied for an offer on WOW Trk. You can read more about this, here.

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